How Organised Stalking works

1.  The Target Bait is chosen. This person must NOT be a criminal nor a crazy, as both are unstable under abuse.  They must be low social class, so that lies told about them to a middle class person, will be believed.  Preferred groups are blacks, gays, working class, single women.  (Gang stalking is a secret continuance of racism, sexism, homophobia and classism).

2.   When the Target Bait moves into a new area, the gang stalking Recruiters follow.  They contact everyone the Target Bait has had contact with – landlords, estate agents, letting agents, banks, medical staff, postal staff, retail staff.  They select the lie which will be most likely to get the target Recruits support.  That the Target Bait is a terrorist, paedophile, drug dealer, prostitute, homosexual, welfare fraudster, thief, mentally unbalanced.  This will occur in an atmosphere of secretive confidentiality.  They will ask for the target Recruit’s cooperation for the good of the community.  Most people will be flattered to help.  They will be warned to keep all that has passed confidential.  They will also be warned not to listen to anything that the Target Bait says, as it will only be lies. When the Target Recruit agrees, they are hooked, they have taken the Bait.

3.   The Target Recruit will now have their life minutely examined to search for any illegalities that they or a family member or any close associate has committed.  This will be used to ensure their continued cooperation.

4.   The Recruiter will be very friendly and helpful.  He or she will show concern for the Target Recruits business, suggesting ways that the business could be made more profitable – such as putting up rents, cutting heating, charging more for gas or electricity, cutting services.  Reducing staff and making existing staff work harder.  

5.  To keep the Target Recruit distracted from the fact that it is they who are the real target, the Recruit will be involved in a campaign of harassment against the Target Bait.  The procedure is called “gaslighting” and involves engaging in odd behaviour in the Target Baits vicinity.  When the Target complains about this, the Target Bait will look odd, and this is confirming evidence that the Target Bait is mentally disturbed.   Also doing things like vandalising property, whether at work or at the Target Baits rental property, will result in the Target Bait getting the blame and this confirms the view that they are an anti-social and destructive person.  

6.   The objective of organised stalking is to obtain wealth and power.  The middle class recruits have power over peoples lives, in providing or withholding accommodation, or work.  They also have access to confidential records on many people . Medical personnel can be used to frame the Target Bait for abuse for someone they are caring for, by withholding the correct medical treatment, causing a decline in the health of the person cared for.  

7. The Target Bait suffers a life of ongoing harassment.  But the Target Recruit often ends up worse off.  Any illegality that the Target Recruit has committed, or a member of his family or close associate has committed will be used to blackmail him or her to continue to cooperate.  In return for the “help” which the Recruiter gives, he will require benefits in return.  Recruits have lost their homes, their businesses, and their savings, after being subjected to a con artist scheme, which I call the “escalator” as it starts off by requesting tiny favours, and builds up gradually and slowly over time to ever greater demands.  Remember, the Target Recruit, from the very first contact has been enjoined to strict secrecy, so that when he starts to be ripped off, he has no-one to turn to for help.  


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